3 Top Design Tips for Your Letterbox Marketing Campaign

Designing an effective leaflet for letterbox marketing is, as we’ve mentioned, a scientific art. You won’t be able to ‘wow’ prospective buyers by that little thing you made in Paint. No, you’ll need a professional designer for the job, who knows exactly how to get your message across effectively. Designers are also perfectly objective and this is an important quality as you want to entice prospective customers and who better to have to do that than someone who will come up with a design aimed at an audience who may not know about your brand. In this post, we look at 3 top tips for designing the perfect leaflet for letterbox marketing.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Trends come and go, and one trend a lot of people follow is to just jump on a bandwagon and have a generic look and feel of a leaflet that could be just about any other companies. You don’t want to do that. In fact, you want your leaflet to be completely different and grab readers attention. Choose your colors, fonts, and imagery very carefully as these elements are what makes a lasting impression.

Say the Necessary

Avoid stuffing your flyer with paragraphs of information that will force readers to put it down. Keep the copy clear and succinct – this will ensure your prospective customer is not bogged down with too much information that they anyway don’t have the time for reading. A good rule of thumb is to have 3 major important points featured on your leaflet. It is also very important to include your business contact details, otherwise, how will the reader know how to get to you?

Include a Catchy Call To Action

Also referred to as a CTA, this basically just means include a phrase that prompts your prospective customers to do a certain action. Whether it is to like your page on Facebook or give you a call, a clear call to action must always be included in your letterbox marketing campaigns. Otherwise, how will the customer know what exactly it is you are wanting them to do with this information you have given them?

Our bonus tip here is to always call in professionals, they have done the work before and know what is important and what works when it comes to designing an effective leaflet. If you are working on brand awareness, this will be the first image of your company a prospective customer will see – it only makes sense that the message is clear, concise, enticing and professional!

Image source: Creative Market

We hope you’ve found the information interesting and helpful. Let us know of any lessons you’ve learned from previous letterbox marketing campaigns in the comment section below.