Letterbox Marketing for Dummies: 4 Facts You Should Know About Letterbox Marketing

Letterbox marketing is as simple as drawing up a flyer with some catchy words and bright attention grabbing colors, popping it in every mailbox you can find, and there you go, right? Wrong. A lot of thought is involved in planning a successful letterbox marketing campaign. Besides, you really want to grab the recipient’s attention and keep them from just chucking your leaflet into their bin. In this post, we look at 4 interesting facts about letterbox marketing that should shed some light on this marketing method.

1. Letterbox Marketing is Effective

Did you know that at least 79% of people who receive a leaflet in their mailbox will read the contents, keep it for at least 2 days, and maybe even pass it on to a neighbor, relative or friend who might be interested in the product or service advertised?

2. Letterbox Marketing Leads to Conversions

Tracking and tracing your marketing efforts is part of the deal, otherwise, how would you know if you are marketing effectively? Researchers have found that a staggering 48% of recipients respond to leaflets received in the post by visiting the store in question.

3. Paper is More Expensive Than Digital

Printing costs can bump your overall marketing budget, but it may well be worth it to increase your reach and brand awareness. Research done shows that 78% of consumers glance through leaflets and that at least 23% of them read them properly. At the end of the day, it is worth it to pay a little bit more to get yourself out there.

4. Efficiency of Letterbox Marketing Compared to Other Advertising Methods

Did you know that 47% of people who receive a leaflet in the mail is more than likely going to convert into a paying customer? Compared to other advertising methods, this rate is fair, as printing costs are fairly low when compared to video, television and PR services.

Image source: Essex Distribution

Taking the abovementioned figures into account, it is very easy to see why a lot of businesses is still using this traditional form of advertising. Now that you know the facts, do you think letterbox marketing is something that your business could benefit from? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.